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Vasari Plaster & Stucco manufactures and distributes plaster and stucco products. We started our company in 2003 in Bend, Oregon. In 2009 our factory and showroom relocated to Santa Barbara, California. Our products are the real traditional authentic stuff that's been used in Europe and elsewhere for thousands of years. The big difference is that we make it easy and affordable. We sell premixed (wet mix) custom tinted wet plasters and dry mixes. We ship our products via ground, sea and air transport throughout North America and the world. We are dedicated to producing the best possible wall finishes on the planet. Beyond material supply, Vasari can be instrumental in project referrals and organization. Vasari is committed to environmental building practices and green manufacturing. That is why we can help you achieve greater LEED points in building certification and most importantly give you the cleanest and freshest environment to play and work in. We have showrooms in Santa Barbara, CA , San Francisco, CA, Miami, FL, and Manila, Philippines. We work with homeowners, architects, builders, designers, artisans and whole bunch of other really cool people. We love what we do and we love helping you.


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about plaster and stucco


Plaster and stucco are generic terms to describe a mixture of minerals and aggregates used to cover walls and ceiling. 'Plaster' usually describes an interior product and 'stucco' simply refers to anything applied on the exterior. There are many different kinds of plasters and stuccos made from different materials for different uses.

Vasari Plaster & Stucco manufactures natural and traditional products made from lime, powdered marble and fine sand. Our products are available in any texture, sheen or color. We make our products from the finest raw materials with the highest environmental standards. Vasari products are crafted for interior and exterior use with unmatched beauty, versatiltiy and ease of use. Our products have been known as lime stucco, Venetian plaster, polished plaster, Italian plaster, Marmorino...whatever the name, Vasari offers unparalleled quality and affordability to your doorstep anywhere in the world. 


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Lime based wall finishes have been used for thousands of years. From the tombs of the Pyramids of Giza to the Sistine Chapel, lime stucco has been a key ingredient in great architecture on six continents for over 9000 years. Ancient Romans were thought to have perfected lime plasters to a higher art than previous cultures incorporating unlimited decorative elements. Fine plaster craft was lost for a thousand years until the Renaissance. Lime plasters were were widely recognized for their beauty, feel and longevity. Perhaps most importantly, it was the structural qualities that were most desired. Like Vasari products, lime plasters are breathable, water tolerant, absorb carbon dioxide, are naturally resistant to mildew and fungus, self healing on exteriors and easily repairable.  More plaster history->

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the natural and sustainable wall finish

Vasari plasters have also been called Venetian plaster, lime stucco, polished plaster, stucco lustro, stucco lucido, imported plaster, Italian plaster, Marmorino and Veneziano. Whatever you call it, Vasari plaster is truly the most beautiful, luxurious and affordable wall finish available. It is composed of finely crushed marble, aged lime and natural pigments. The sheen, depending on application style, can be compared to finely polished marble, soft satin or traditionally rustic stucco. Vasari Plaster is not a faux finish. It is the 'real thing' and synonymous with the traditional stucco and plaster used around the globe for ages.

Lime and marble plasters have been used for thousands of years to decorate the walls of palaces, royal tombs and great monuments throughout the world. Today, these products continue to be used to enhance prestigious homes and buildings far and wide. Lime plasters and paints can transform simple walls into works of art. Venetian Plaster is utilized in both traditional and contemporary architectural styles, including Tuscan, Southwest, Santa Fe, French, log home, craftsman, and modern designs. This versatile plaster works perfectly on both interior and some exterior surfaces.

Vasari sells plasters that bond to conventional primed drywall, mineral substrates, such as cement stuccos and a variety of mineral based building blocks. They are based on the same formulas as those used in the Sistine Chapel and Ancient Pompeii. Our plasters are crafted without volatile organic compounds (VOCs) making them non-toxic and free of chemicals. The plaster creates an additionally healthy environment as it absorbs carbon dioxide and naturally resists mildew and fungus. Our Venetian Plaster brings natural beauty, vibrant colors, and a healthier environment to any home or business.

Vasari carries all necessary varieties of lime plasters insuring infinite combinations for the look you desire: Veneziano (soft satin or polished like marble), Marmorino (rough stucco or soft limestone), Stucco (heaviest aggregate for maximum durability for designed for exteriors) and Lime Wash (color and depth effect and enhancement).