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For soap, the product cost per square foot is about .05 cent  per square foot in cost. You can apply soap seal at leat a 100 square feet per day. It's like gently washing the walls with water. It's very fast and easy.

Acrylic Sealer is about .10-.20 cent per square foot product cost. It goes on with a roller and brush. Goes on as fast as paint.


They are more labor intensive, especially for large scale areas. Wax can be charged at least $1.00 per square foot. Your material square foot cost is about .10 cents to $.20 cents per foot.

More artistic application:

Obviously there are unlimited possibilities with plaster. You can burnish it perfectly, add different colors, extra layers, metallic get the idea. A wall can turn into a laborious work of art intead of just a plaster wall. At the some point, the sky's the limit on price. Charge what's fair for your time, artistry and sore shoulder.

Extra Costs:

Remember to include the price of masking materials, ladder rentals, scaffolding, etc. into your price to your customer. 

Basic business guidelines:

- You should be licensed in the state you work in. Have bonding and insurance for your business. Insurance is for damage you may incur on the property. Bonding is an assurance to your clients that the job will be completed, either by you or someone else. Different states have different requirements. Some states don't require licensing.

- Have the proper contract forms when making bids or writing contracts. Always make a duplicate copy of everything for your records. 

-When bidding on a job, make sure you will profit. Measure everything out twice and write a day to day plan of what you need to make the money you want on the job.

- Make attractive, professional business cards. Stand-out cards can make the difference. Keep them simple and elegant. Don't overdo it with colors and by-lines.

- Always calculate extra material costs in your bid. Masking, primer, sealer, scaffolding, gas, and travel time all need to be considered when making bids. You can charge your clients extra for scaffolds and out of the ordinary things, but it is usually better to just include everything in the bid as a price per square foot cost.

- Have a portfolio of pictures of projects and samples. If you haven't done any projects; no problem. Email us if you need project pictures. We'll email you the ones you want.  Put the pictures into transparent plastic sheet protectors with 3 ring holes for a binder. There are fancy binders that look more like leather bound portfolios. Presentation is important considering the cost of the service. Your picture portfolio with about 10 great physical samples (small samples on primed MDF boards) makes a perfect presentation for clients. If you have a laptop, you can do a digital slideshow for your clients or just show them our Galleries and even the intro video on our homepage.

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